Learned.Live is the new online platform for live, interactive adult education.

Our platform offers you the opportunity to access new knowledge and skills in a live, online classroom and to source expertise in a wide variety of different subjects. From business leaders to circus performers and grandparents to graduates, our Learned.Live teachers come from all walks of life and are passionate about the courses they teach.

For teachers, we offer a platform where you can share your skills and passions and be rewarded for doing so. You can choose your hours, teach what you love, set your own fees, and write your own courses.

You can search for courses based on a number of criteria and once you’ve found one that suits you at a time that suits you, then you can follow the booking process. Both Teacher and Student are sent confirmation of the booking and this gives you access to the Course Lobby where you can ask questions and communicate with other Students and the Teacher.

A course can be made up of several different classes or it can be just one class. When a course is booked for a particular time we call this a Segment and a Teacher can schedule the same course as many times as they want in different Segments at different times.

Communication between Teacher and Student should only occur via the communication channels on our platform. Please let us know immediately if a Teacher attempts to communicate with you by any other means.

In general Learned.Live just provides the platform and any questions, queries or complaints should be initially directed to the Teacher or Student for the relevant booking. Please see our Student Terms of Use for more information.

Please use the Contact us and the Help pages linked at the bottom of every page on the website if you need any other information.