Community Standards

Learned.Live is a live, interactive, online learning platform; its main focus is the delivery of live classes via Zoom. There will be other potential interactions between teachers and students (eg: Q&A and feedback conversations etc.) and between Learned.Live and the users of the platform.  Our community standards explain the key standards that everyone is expected to maintain during these interactions. This will also help us explain and justify to people why their access to the community may need to be suspended or terminated.

  1. Always communicate in a respectful manner without using rude or offensive language or doing anything which might reasonably be expected to cause offence (whether intentionally or unintentionally). If in doubt, soften your language and invite discussion and clarification, rather than criticising or making personal comments.
  2. Take the time to explain your points so that it is easier for people to understand what you mean. Rushed or incomplete messages can easily be misinterpreted and can potentially lead to conflict.
  3. If someone is causing you concern or being overtly offensive, use whatever means you have available to avoid further communication with them. Attempt to exert self-control and walk away from a conversation rather than inflame it by responding in an offensive manner.
  4. If the concerning or offensive behaviour is persistent or extreme, then please ask the Teacher for assistance in dealing with it, or follow the complaints procedure and report an issue.
  5. If someone is promoting hate speech or being disparaging of minority groups or being racist, sexist, or anti-LGBT, then please report an issue

Suspensions and Blockings

If a student’s behaviour persistently contravenes any of our standards then they may be blocked from the site. If there is a complaint against a student that is severe in nature we may need to suspend their account whilst we investigate. This could result in permanent blocking or a warning. Any courses and classes missed because of this will be cancelled or, if within 24hrs of the start of the course, refunded.