Referral Discounts

Want to get a 20% discount on any Learned.Live course?

It’s easy to do in just 3 steps!

1) Send your personal referral code to all your friends & family, which they use when they register with us
2) Encourage them to book their first course for which they also receive a 20% discount
3) Wait 24hrs and we’ll send you a 20% off Gift Voucher valid for any course

Here it is in a bit more detail….


1) Find your personal referral code

You’ll find it on your Learned.Live profile page. Send it to all your friends and as long as they paste it into their browser and then Join from that page it will be linked to your profile automatically. You will then receive a confirmation email saying your referral code has been used when someone registered.


2) Then your friends search and book courses

They will also get a 20% discount automatically added to the first course they book.
They don’t have to do anything else; you just need to keep reminding them to book a course! Here is the link to our Search Courses page to send them:


3) 24hrs after your friend has booked the course we’ll send you a 20% Gift Voucher code by email


Then you can enter this when you search and book your own preferred course.


That’s it! Make sure you tell your friends and family about the referral system so they can do it too.