Please report any safeguarding concerns to us immediately.

During classes, there may be some concerns about whether a topic is appropriate or about the behaviour of certain teachers or students. As a platform that is for adults only (18+) you are largely responsible for your own safety in terms of the courses you book and how long you stay in a class if you find it objectionable.

However, Learned.Live does make every effort to make sure that each class is delivered as advertised, with appropriate warnings if necessary, and to respond to any complaints if this is not the case. There is a complaints process and you will be kept informed of how your complaint is progressing.

If you continue to witness inappropriate or concerning actions or language please follow these steps:

  1. If you feel able to please voice your concerns with the relevant teacher or student. If they desist then decide if you want to stay in the class or leave. If you are unable to voice your concerns, for example, if you are too distressed or upset, or the perpetrator is not listening, then close down the Zoom meeting that is causing you concern or distress immediately. Do not try and rectify the situation yourself. Make yourself safe and when you are able, continue with step 2.
  2. Once you have closed down the session and feel safe, please lodge a complaint about the class to Learned.Live by reporting an Issue.
  3. We will be in touch with you for more details if we need them and will keep you up to date with our progress dealing with your complaint.