Sensitive Subjects

Teaching Content Standards and Restrictions

Certain sensitive subjects will be subject to extra checks on expertise and qualification and certain other subjects may require warning or be banned from Learned.Live.

Banned Subjects

Learned.Live courses are designed for students in the UK; the content of all courses must comply with the law applicable in the United Kingdom.

Any course that involves, promotes or incites discrimination, harassment or any other unlawful act or omission is banned from Learned.Live. This includes racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ rights, religious intolerance, political intolerance or incitements to violence of any kind.

Unfortunately we cannot allow any sex-related subjects on the platform. Religious content may be appropriate long as it does not promote any of the above and follows our teacher Quality Standards.

Courses that aim to gather any group of individuals who promote any of these things as part of their goals will also be banned even if they are just meeting for other purposes.

Courses, groups or individuals promoting any of the aforementioned will not be allowed to use the platform and will have their courses and user accounts removed as soon as Learned.Live decides they are in contravention of the clauses above.

Sensitive Subjects

Any subject that contains potentially sensitive material will be subject to further scrutiny by Learned.Live before courses that include it are listed on the platform; this includes any subject that could cause psychological distress or adversely affect vulnerable individuals. Certain subjects will automatically be referred for further scrutiny and checks. Some of these topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Mental health and wellbeing, physical health
  • Counselling or dealing with traumatic events
  • Courses dealing with volatile or politically sensitive issues
  • Courses that are potentially critical of other people’s beliefs or life choices

Physically Sensative Subjects

Certain subjects will have the potential to cause physical harm if approached carelessly or without the proper expertise. Anything that is deemed to fall into this category will also be subject to further checks by the Learned.Live team.

  • First Aid & CPR
  • Health and wellbeing.
  • Diet and nutrition.
  • Other activities that may involve a material level of risk to individual participants (such as some sports)