Student FAQs

I’ve signed up, what do I do now?

Read the Basics and the Student Hub help pages which tell you what you need to do next.


Do I have to pay to use the Learned.Live platform?

No, you can use the platform for free but you do have to pay for any courses that you book. We charge the Teacher a commission on this but you don’t have to pay anything else apart from the course fee.


I have booked a course but not been charged, why not?

We only take payment 24 hours before a course is due to start, therefore it may be days or even weeks between you booking the course and the payment leaving your account. Please make sure you have ample funds to pay for the course in your account 24 hours before the course starts, because if we can’t take payment you may lose your place on the course.


Can I cancel a course I have booked if I can’t attend anymore?

Yes, you can cancel a course booking up to 24 hours before the first class on a course has started. We only take payments 24 hours before the course has started. However, please be considerate to the teacher and if you know you can’t attend, cancel as early as you possibly can so someone else can have your place.


How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account at any time. You will need to go to the main drop-down menu in the top right of the screen and go to your Learned Profile. The “Delete my Learned Profile” button is at the bottom on the left. If you wish to re-join at any time you will have to set up a new profile. Any booked courses will be automatically cancelled without taking payments unless they are due to start within 24 hours, in which case no refund will be given.


I saw something that has made me worried

Please see our Feedback and Complaints section and Safeguarding section of the help pages for more information on what to do next. Or you can just go to our Contact Us page directly.


I was offended by someone’s behaviour or something they said in a class

Please see our Community Standards and Student Class Behaviour sections of the Help Pages.


I was in a class and I don’t think it’s suitable for this platform or it was dangerous to attend

Please read our Sensitive Subject Area and Safeguarding sections of the help pages. If someone is in immediate danger then please repost an issue via our Contact Us page.


What happens if I miss my class?

You can contact the Teacher and explain the circumstances and it is up to them whether they offer you a refund or any alternatives or an opportunity to catch up on the missed class. However they have no obligation to do so. All courses can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the first class on a course starts.


Why is Learned.Live different?

Whilst there are various platforms providing online classes and courses there is no single online platform offering live, interactive classes for adults in as wide a variety of subjects as Learned.Live offers. Students visiting Learned.Live are able to select from courses in a wide range of categories including life skills, business skills, sports, languages, arts and culture, hobbies and more. We provide optional training for new teachers and regular check-ins to keep our teachers abreast of any new developments. There is also a help function available as well as a set of frequently asked questions for reference. 


Are we sure our platform won’t fail?

Our platform is subject to rigorous, ongoing testing and is backed up by a second server; we use all reasonable endeavours to ensure a service that is subject to the minimum amount of interruption. We have a 24-hour technical support team on hand to ensure any issues are dealt with and resolved as swiftly as possible. It is in our interest to ensure our site is robust enough to provide a good user experience for our teachers and students alike.


 Can someone teach an activity online as it’s an outdoor pursuit?

Outdoor activities certainly can be taught online, it just takes some creativity on how to adapt to that particular environment. For example, cycling professionals can run courses on bike maintenance, how to select a suitable route for different ability levels, the theory and practice of dealing with falls and first aid, and so forth. Learned.Live teachers already run courses in a variety of physical activities such as staff and poi spinning, gymnastics and parkour which are generally done outdoors but which translate easily to the online classroom.


How do you match students for teachers?

We do not actively match students and teachers as this is an organic process. Students select courses with teachers who offer subjects in which they are interested. We endeavour to promote our teachers’ courses as widely as possible and have a marketing team working on advertising our platform and courses to an extensive audience. It is in our interest to attract as many students as possible to our site and in addition to the advertising and marketing, we are partnering with various industry bodies to broaden awareness of Learned.Live. Students accessing the site will be able to search for courses by interest. If you have any questions as to the mechanics behind the search function then we will forward your questions to our web development team.


Is the platform also available in an app form for teachers to download on smartphones?

No. We are not planning to create a Learned.Live app at this stage. However, Zoom is easily downloadable to any smartphone and we are happy for our teachers to conduct classes via their phones as long as students continue to report enjoyable and rewarding experiences.


 Are there any costs involved for teachers with Learned.Live?

No. There are no signup, enrolment, or cancellation fees. We take a commission (plus VAT, where applicable) and the remainder of the fee is paid directly to our teachers. The commission covers site maintenance and development, advertising and marketing and operating costs for Learned.Live.


Do students receive a qualification?

Not via Learned.Live. However, any teachers who are affiliated with organisations which allow them to award qualifications are naturally able to do so.


If a qualification is awarded, is it accredited?

Please see above.


 If accredited, who with?

As above.


Who owns the copyright to courses offered via Learned.Live?

The copyright rests with the teacher who created the course/class.


How do I find featured teachers?

Go to our main public page and you will see a carousel list of our featured teachers.


How do I find teachers by student ratings?

You can search for courses and order the results based on feedback scores.


How do I find featured courses?

Go to our main public page and you will see a carousel list of our featured courses.


How do I find courses by student ratings?

You can search for courses and order the results based on feedback scores.


How do I find courses which are offered for free?

In general our teachers have the freedom to charge whatever they wish for their courses and are therefore not obliged to offer free classes. It is for this reason that Learned.Live does not offer a search function based on this functionality.


How and when will I be charged for any courses I book?

When you book a course you will be taken to a screen to enter your payment details. The fee for the course is only taken from your account 24 hours prior to the course start time. Please ensure there are ample funds in your account at that time or you may lose your place on the course.


How can I propose topics I want to learn about?

Please send us suggestions by using our contact email.


What if I want to enrol in a course, but the teacher does not offer it at a time when I can make it?

You could message the teacher via the platform and ask them if they can schedule one for when you can make it. But otherwise it’s up to the teacher when they schedule their courses.


What if I arrive late to a class?

Some things in life cannot be planned and so on occasion you may be late for class. If for any reason you show up late, you can still login to the ongoing class using the Zoom link provided in your Bookings. Feel free to read the Student Class Behaviour tips.


Where can I see how many pupils already signed up for the course? And how many are allowed max?

This is displayed when you browse the course details.


I am not familiar with using Zoom. How does it work?

As part of our Terms of Use please make yourself familiar with the necessary Zoom functions. You can find a lot of good Zoom explanation videos online. Zoom meetings are delivered via a link that you just need to activate and are password protected to ensure only teachers and students can access them.


How can I refer a teacher or course to my friends?

You can share the link using the Share button on the course’s profile page.


How can I withdraw from a course?

If for any reason you want to cancel your enrolment, you can do this in your student hub. Cancellations are free of charge if you cancel 24 hours in advance but we reserve the right to charge you in full if your cancellation request is made less than 24 hours in advance of the first class.


How can I log into a course?

Once you’ve purchased a course, you need to log in to your account, go to the student hub and go to the course you booked in order to access your course. When you enrol in a course, you’ll receive an email confirmation that contains a link to the course and the Zoom session. You can use this link to join the class.  If you experience issues logging in or accessing your course, contact the teacher directly or, if help is not possible, contact us.


I have trouble login into my account. Why can´t I login?

There are a variety of reasons a failed login can occur: you might be signed in to the wrong account or you may have misspelt your email on sign up. First, check the account you’re signed in under. You might be previewing the course under a logged out account or wrong account.

If you can’t login, check your confirmation email, the sender will be If you cannot find the email, you can ask to have it resent on the login console. This option is only available if you have an unconfirmed account. If your account has been confirmed, you’ll be given steps to log in with that account.