Student Hub

This is where the Student can access all the areas they need to in order to book, attend and give feedback after a course.


Search Courses

This is where you can search for courses that you might want to book using various filters and search terms.


Course Booking

This is where you can manage the courses you have booked and is good for:

  • Looking at the Course Profile of any booked or cancelled courses.
  • Looking at the dates your course is running – the Segments.
  • Quickly checking the status of your course – booked or cancelled.



This is where you can see the times and frequency of your booked courses.


The Process

Search – The first step is to find a course you want to book using the Search course area. You can search by Category or by a key phrase and you can filter the search results in order of how soon it is starting or its feedback rating in ascending or descending order.

Book – Once you have found the course you like at a time that suits you, then you can book it by clicking on the More Info button and then the Book this Course button. You then enter your payment details and just follow the on screen process.

Before the Course – The course you have booked should now appear on the Course Bookings and the Calendar tabs in your Student Hub. This is how you can keep track of upcoming courses, access the Course Lobby for any course and interact with your future classmates and teacher.

Take the Course – shortly before your course is due to start the link will appear in the so that you can click on it to access the class Zoom session. This will happen before any class on the same course as you progress through the course over days or weeks. If you experience issues logging in or accessing your course, contact the teacher directly or, if help is not possible, then contact us.

After the Course – Once the last class on the course has finished you will be able to provide feedback on both the course and the teacher. Please do support our teachers by taking a few minutes to leave a review.