Teacher FAQs

What is Learned.Live?

Learned.Live is the only software platform for live, interactive, online adult education matching students with teachers in any subject they are looking to learn. Our goal is to make learning rewarding for both teachers and students.

The online learning market is growing faster than ever. The rise of online learning platforms has democratised education, allowing people to learn more from home. The recent coronavirus lockdown has increased awareness, understanding and uptake of online learning.

Learned.Live uses Zoom as the classroom and connects students with teachers from all walks of life who have skills, experience and knowledge to share. Learned.Live is designed specifically for adults (over 18s) and does not accept students under the age of 18. 

On Learned.Live students are able to search for courses either by subject or by teacher and our site provides suggestions for courses they may be interested in based on their search history or selected topics identified during their sign up process.


What do students pay?

Students pay the fees set by the teachers for individual courses when making bookings on our site. Our teachers choose what courses they offer, how they are structured and what they are priced at. Teachers are expected to be suitably proficient in their subject matter to teach confidently and provide a rewarding experience for the students, although formal teaching qualifications are not necessary.

Teachers are encouraged to take control of their earning capacity by choosing the cost of their courses and the number of students they are comfortable teaching at any one time.


How much do Learned.Live take?

We charge a 30% commission on all successful enrolments i.e. per student per course. Depending on where you (as a teacher) are resident, this commission may be subject to VAT, in which case the total charge will be 30% of the course fees plus VAT (which, at 20%, equates to a further 6% of the course fee), so giving a total deduction where VAT applies of 36%.  We do not take our commission until the teacher is paid. Please bear this in mind when setting your course fees.


Why is Learned.Live different?

Whilst there are various platforms providing online classes and courses there is no single platform offering live, interactive, online classes and courses for adults in as wide a variety of subjects as Learned.Live offers. Students visiting Learned.Live are able to select from courses in a wide range of categories including life skills, business skills, sports, languages, arts and culture, hobbies and more. We provide optional training for new teachers and regular check-ins to keep our teachers abreast of any new developments. There is also a help function available as well as a set of frequently asked questions for reference.  


Are we sure our platform won’t fail?

Our platform is subject to rigorous, ongoing testing and is backed up by a second server; we use our reasonable endeavours to ensure a service that is subject to the minimum amount of interruption. We have a 24-hour technical support team on hand to ensure any issues are dealt with and resolved as swiftly as possible. It is in our interest to ensure our site is robust enough to provide a good user experience for our teachers and students alike.


Can I teach my activity online as it’s an outdoor pursuit?

Outdoor activities certainly can be taught online, it just takes some creativity on how to adapt to that particular environment. For example, cycling professionals can run courses on bike maintenance, how to select a suitable route for different ability levels, the theory and practice of dealing with falls and first aid, and so forth. Learned.Live teachers already run courses in a variety of physical activities such as staff and poi spinning, gymnastics and parkour which are generally done outdoors but which translate easily to the online classroom.


How do you match students for teachers?

We do not actively match students and teachers as this is an organic process. Students select courses with teachers who offer subjects in which they are interested. We endeavour to promote our teachers’ courses as widely as possible and have a marketing team working on advertising our platform and courses to an extensive audience. It is in our interest to attract as many students as possible to our site and in addition to the advertising and marketing, we are partnering with various industry bodies to broaden awareness of Learned.Live. Students accessing the site will be able to search for courses by interest. If you have any questions as to the mechanics behind the search function then we will forward your questions to our web development team.


What do teachers’ introduction videos need to include?

Teacher application videos should include as much detail about the teacher as possible, whilst keeping things concise and relevant. Content could include: 

  • What makes me the right person to teach this course? 
  • What are my credentials and relevant experience?
  • How can I best convey my passion for my subject? 

The video is your first chance to shine and should give our assessors an idea of your teaching style. Think about what makes you stand out and play to your strengths. Most of all, keep it fun – that’s how your students will learn best!


Is there an official format for the course descriptions and how are they to be submitted to the moderator?

Yes. Our course application page follows a structured question and answer format for teachers to create and submit their courses for approval. We have left plenty of room for individual expertise and preferences, but the process is clear and guided. At the end of the process, there is a button to submit your course application to the moderators.


How do teachers physically schedule courses?

There is a clearly signposted section with guidance on how to schedule your courses. This is a simple and intuitive process designed to make organising your schedule as easy as possible.


Is the platform also available in an app form for teachers to download on smartphones?

No. We are not planning to create a Learned.Live app at this stage. However, Zoom is easily downloadable to any smartphone and we are happy for our teachers to conduct classes via their phones as long as students continue to report enjoyable and rewarding experiences.


Are there any costs involved for teachers with Learned.Live?

No. There are no signup, enrolment, or cancellation fees. We take a commission (plus VAT, where applicable) and the remainder of the fee is paid directly to our teachers. The commission covers site maintenance and development, advertising and marketing and operating costs for Learned.Live.


Are Learned.Live teachers employed or self-employed?

All teachers with Learned.Live are self-employed and must take full responsibility for their own taxation.


How long does it take for teachers to get paid?

Subject to any refunds that are made on the teacher’s behalf (for example, if a teacher cancels a course after payment by the students), teachers are normally paid within two weeks of the end of the week in which payment is made by the relevant student.

Note that Learned.Live is not responsible for enforcing payment by students if they do not pay when expected; however, normally, a student will only be given access to a given course if payment has been successfully collected from the student beforehand.


Who moderates and approves the courses?

We have a team of professional moderators who approve all initial applications and subsequent course submissions.


Do students receive a qualification?

Not via Learned.Live. However, any teachers who are affiliated with organisations which allow them to award qualifications are naturally able to do so.


If a qualification is awarded, is it accredited?

Please see above.


If accredited, who with?

As above.


Who owns the copyright to courses offered via Learned.Live?

The copyright rests with the teacher who created the course/class.


How does the referral process work?

There is a field on the registration form for teachers to enter the name of the person who referred them. This is linked to our database.

Once a teacher has successfully delivered their first course, our system makes a payment to the person who referred them. The process is entirely automated.


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