Teacher Hub

Please note that there are more Teacher Help pages available from the Teacher Hub on the main website menu drop down (located on the top right of your screen).

Teacher Hub Help

The Teacher Hub is where you can manage everything you need to support your class delivery. It is split into three main areas and these are detailed below. Most of the entry boxes have explanations of the information we require in each case. If there is anything that is confusing or is not covered here then please Contact Us with your questions.

Teacher Profile

This is where you provide any extra information that is not in your Learned.Live profile. This includes details that you want your students to know, such as your relevant experience to teach on your chosen subject(s). It’s also where we ask for additional details that we need to help support your teacher account, such as your payment details.


This is where you can manage the content of the class(es) you teach and includes:

  • Creating classes for approval
  • Editing classes with new information
  • Deleting classes


This is where you can manage the times and frequency that your classes occur. You can also see what classes you have taught and which classes are coming up and how many students are booked on them.