Teacher Application

The following are a few general tips, but you will be given more details during your application process on the main platform.

  • We want a bit of flavour of your teaching style, so maybe give us a quick example of some lesson content.
  • We’d like to see how you present yourself – what you wear and the background you are likely to use when you teach.
  • We want to hear about why you are an expert on your subject and why you feel you have something to offer your students.
  • We want to get a feel of why you might be better than other people at delivering your chosen course content.
  • However, we don’t expect your video to be a fully scripted and edited Hollywood production. It’s OK to be natural and speak naturally, even if you make a mistake or two. It’s how you deal with any little hiccups that will tell us whether you will make a good teacher.
  • If you are rejected we will try and provide feedback where possible. If you are accepted we may give some tips to think about. Some applications will be unsuitable and will be rejected without feedback with no option to re-apply.
  • If your course seems unusual for presenting in an online environment (e.g. its  an outdoors activity) then please take some time to explain how it will be suitable for a Zoom session (e.g. it is a discussion about an outdoor activity).
  • Express yourself and make it fun… the rest is really up to you!