Teacher Introduction

Please note that there are more Teacher Help pages available from the Teacher Hub on the main website menu drop down (located on the top right of your screen).

Learned.Live is a marketplace connecting expert teachers or experienced learning providers with students. If you think there is something that you can teach or share with someone else and they might be willing to pay for it then we can help you find your market.

We try to keep standards high so you will need to have your application form (with introduction video) accepted before you can start listing the sessions you want to teach, choosing your own times, prices and structure. Students will then be able to search the listing and choose your courses if they wish to do so.  They pay for the courses and we pass the money through to you, less our commission of 30% (plus VAT, where applicable).  If you get good reviews and choose popular subjects then you will start to attract more students and earn more per course. That’s it! No sign-up fee, just the time it takes to apply and set up your profile and list your courses and courses.

How does it work?

Learned.Live is a software platform for live, interactive, online adult education classes. It fills a gap in the market for adults looking to learn online through live, small group classes with independent teachers, rather than watching pre-recorded webinars or videos. It’s also an easy way for independent teachers, mentors, counsellors, tutors, coaches and instructors to bring their courses online with all the administration and marketing taken care of, enabling them to reach a much wider audience.

  • You choose what you teach, when and what you charge
  • The platform manages all the administration from easy scheduling to payment
  • It’s free to set up and run; the price paid for your course is passed through to you less the commission and any applicable VAT that is charged by the platform.

Learned.Live is a one-stop-shop for adult lessons and provides an opportunity for people to teach what they are passionate about online. No formal teaching credentials are necessary, but you must have suitable expertise in your subject to provide a valuable learning experience and be transparent in your profile and class description about your experience so that students can then decide if they want to join your course.

Putting it another way:

  • You decide what you teach (we have great tutorials to help you design your course).
  • Your course is submitted for approval by a moderator.  
  • You schedule your classes on our easy to use portal and your course becomes available to book.
  • Shortly prior to your class start time, you and your attendees receive an email and link to join the lesson.
  • Subject to any refunds which we make on your behalf, you receive the class enrolment fees, less the commission (and applicable VAT) charged by Learned.Live to cover the provision of the platform and the related services provided by us.